As mentioned in a recent post I have been working on a project of late dealing with ringforts, to mark PiDay I just launched @everyringfort, a bot which celebrates the circles on Ireland’s landscape.

@everyringfort is a (instagram/twitter) bot which is posting satellite images of every ringfort ( well cashel, dún, ráth and lios) in Ireland, one an hour, it should finish up sometime in August 2022.

You can check it out on Instagram and Twitter:

Ringforts are the most common historical field monument in Ireland with an estimated 45,000 examples identified to date, meaning that Ireland has a ringfort for every 2km² !

Here they are all the sites mapped.

The data for this project comes from the Archaeological Survey of Ireland’s database of the National Monuments Service Sites and Monuments Record (SMR), this dataset contains 30125 sites categorised as ráth, cashel or ringfort, of these 353 entries seem to have incorrect coordinates so I am working with the remaining 29772 sites, posting one site per hour it will take 1240 days/177 week/3.4 years to get through them all !


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